Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Pour Homme: Thread Theory Finlayson Sweater

Just in time before the end of the Finlayson Sewalong, here is my handsome husband modelling his...

Ladies, calm yourselves. He's a married man!

The pattern is the Finlayson Sweater by Thread Theory and I bought the pdf version at the start of the month when it was on offer. I've been eyeing up Thread Theory patterns for a while now, so the discounted price along with the competition they were running was good enough reason to finally make one. I've made a few things for Jon before but these have generally been what I would class as 'lounge wear'. Whilst he can still lounge around in his new sweater (and I've no doubt he will), I'm pleased I've made something he could actually wear out of the house!

Based on his measurements he was between a small and a medium. I decided to go with a small in the end as I thought the pattern would be fairly roomy due to the boxy shape. I didn't make any adjustments to the pattern as I wanted it to be a bit of a test run. 

Jon had originally requested the sweater in a khaki colour, but I couldn't find anything suitable at the fabric market so went with this light blue stable knit instead. I bought 2.5 metres of the stuff and easily have enough leftover to make something else. Maybe a matching sweater for myself! A bit much? Yes, a bit much...

I think he's spoiling for a fight here

Anyway the fabric is fairly soft on the outside but the inside is a little scratchy, so I decided to line it with some lightweight knit that I had. Unlike the stable outer knit, the inner one is very soft and drapey and was a bit of a nightmare to sew. I deviated from the instructions slightly and sewed up the outer and lining (minus the cuffs and hem band), and then basted them together at the neckline before sewing in the collar. I also basted the two layers together at the sleeve end and base of the sweater before attaching the cuffs and hem band.

The collar got me completely foxed. I read the instructions over and over, and looked at the sewalong posts about it, but I just couldn't work out how it attached to the neckline! In the end I just went with what I understood the directions to be, pinned it loads and sewed very slowly. And it did work! I think though the positioning dots need to be wider spaced, and I'm not sure if this is just something that I did wrong but my collar 'under' ended up being what you can see on top.

I'm really pleased with this make anyway and my model seems to be too. I thought it would be a fairly quick make but it took me longer than I expected - probably due to my decision to line it and all my head scratching with the collar. It's a really well written and drafted pattern and has nice options such as a lined hood and kangaroo pocket. I'm planning on making this again, but I think I would lengthen the body and sleeves a little and also make a slight 'round back' adjustment. 

Some detail shots...

I love top stitching

Cosy lining

Brushed cotton decorative facing, tag from Mollie Makes and tree ribbon for a pro finish

Happy husband!

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